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Make your baubles that extra bit special...

We offer a wide range of packaging options for gifting, presenting or posting our products.

From a simple acetate tub to bespoke boxes with ribbons, tags, stickers, sizzle and wraps made to order for you.

Please see images below of the different packaging options we can provide for your branded baubles.

Standard Packaging

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Bauble in Acetate Tubs - Standard.jpg
Bauble in white box - Standard.jpg
Bauble in printed window box 2 - Standar

Acetate Tubs

Single White Window Box

Single Printed Window Box

Set of 2 Bauble Box set - Standard.jpg

2 Pack White Box

4 Bauble Window Box - Standard.jpg

4 Pack White Box

Branded Packaging

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Branded Gift box

Branded Packaging 3 - 2 Bauble Box.jpg

Branded Window box 2 pack

Bauble Branded Packaging 1.jpg

Branded Single Window box

Branded Packaging 2 - 4 Bauble box.jpg

Branded Window box 4 pack

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